It is sad to witness the decline of a Mother’s voice within our families and the obvious chaos it has caused in the society at large, Its about time “Mothers” regained consciousness about the power they hold to change and challenge the many societal issues we have… Mother you have Power!!

6 Replies to “Mother’s Day Celebration”

  1. Patricia Nchabeleng says: March 25, 2022 at 11:46 am

    Yes we do have the Power we must know how to activate it so we trusting God will use the Linkage to empower us
    Thank you very much for this beautiful opportunity

    1. We are honored that you’ve chosen to be part of the women who will be celebrating and equipped with understanding , knowledge and wisdom to unlock the God given power in you as a mother or young women who one day wants to be “Powerful Mothers”!!! We can’t wait to make wonderful memories with you!! Thank you.

  2. It is platforms like this that we need in our community, to help us recognise our worth, be able to voice out our opinions and most importantly raise our girls and boys with pride especially to the single mother’s out there. Thank you for providing such opportunities for us.

    1. The Linkage says: April 10, 2022 at 8:18 pm

      Hi Thabang, we are Highly favored that you’ll be joining us and we can’t wait to reinforce the Power you already have as a mother!! My prayer is that no women/mother will leave the event the same way they came in!!! Stay Blessed

  3. We as mother’s need to form a bond with our children, allow them to make mistakes and not hold them on pedestals that they fear to come to us when things are bad. A mother must be their child’s best friend, not to neglect the disciplinarian role but be approachable. Listen, advise and comfort. This is one thing that will bring back the power in a Mother’s voice . Excited to be part of this event that will mold us to better parents

    1. The Linkage says: April 10, 2022 at 8:23 pm

      Hi Khuliso, you hit the nail on the head!! Mothers should stop putting their children on very high pedestals, rather to work on having a healthy relationships that can manage mistakes that come both from the parent and the children… Thats deep!! Because many mother and child relations have been destroyed due to the lack of handling mistakes made on both sides, most children have been disowned by their parents based on the mistakes made, But on that day we’ll learn the Power mothers have to restore their children from a fallen place. We can’t wait to engage in building conversations amongst like minded POWERFUL Mothers!!

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