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About Us



I am a transformational speaker, communication coach and facilitator striving to encourage families and individuals to live a thriving life they’ve always desired in their personal and professional life.

I grew up in the township and was exposed and experienced the effects of living in a community and society that stems from dysfunctional living patterns that have been caused by dysfunctional family background, I was always concerned by the lack of interest to find out the root of our behavior in our lives even though the results therefore were undesirable to the life we truly wanted to live.

It became my quest to understand the way in which people interact that led to me acquiring my BA communications degree but then the search for answers went deeper as I realized that we ought to uproot the roots of our dysfunction and only then we can plant and built on a foundation that is able to absorb the new information to build our lives positively and make a meaningful contribution to our family’s and to the world.

It’s now clear that to overcome the social ills we’ve come accustomed to, we have to uproot ideas that don’t serve humanity and then empower our mindset with a new set of ideas that bring life and progress in our family’s and our professional lives.

I train and coach individuals on the importance of personal development, family dynamics, work ethic and emotionally healthy leadership and communication skills across borders.

T.D. Jakes once said “That in order for a transformational life to start, we ought to peel back the layers and go to the core and root of the problem”… And with an open heart and open mind we will thrive in creating a better life for ourselves and that of the next generation.


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